Hot Wheels the Movie (2005) - Snake vehicle sketches

Some marker sketches for the impossibly large vehicle the Snake was going to roam the countryside with, gobbling up cool cars and crushing others. I did quite a range of ideas before the idea was dropped in favor of a tricked-out semi for budgetary reasons. There's something beautifully tactile I miss about working in markers. Once you make a mistake, it's there for good and you just have to work around it, which sometimes leads to happy accidents and stronger ideas.

Phil saunders snake sketch 1

The first basic idea, derived from what I illustrated in the keyframe.

Phil saunders snake sketch 2

A little Calatrava inspiration in figuring out how to span a structure that large without it weighing an impossible amount.

Phil saunders snake sketch 3

Taking the name more literally.

Phil saunders snake sketch 4

A bunch of rough thumbnails looking for a direction.

Phil saunders snake sketch 5

More crazy ideas.

Phil saunders snake sketch 6

Working in "Canson paper" technique, though if I remember correctly, this was done in Photoshop.