Avengers: Infinity War - Iron Man Mk50 on Titan Keyframe

Since the Art of Avengers: Infinity War is on the shelves, I can finally start releasing some of the artwork and design I did for the movie. Watch this page in the next couple of weeks as I trickle out some images. But don't forget to pick up the book! It's filled with art from all of my amazing talented colleagues who brought the movie to life, with plenty of anecdotes on how the designs evolved. And I don't see a dime from it, so this is not a shameless plug. It's worth it for anyone who loves concept art!

Phil saunders im mk50flyingweb

This is the first image I created after the Mk 50 was approved, when I was starting to work out what nanotech weapons might be like, and how they would grow out of the suit. The weapon on his left arm I sculpted in zBrush, otherwise this is all 2-D.

Phil saunders im mk50flyingwip web

Early work in progress. I later posed and rendered out my ZBrush sculpt for reference, as it wasn't quite working the way I wanted, but this keyframe I kept in Photoshop rather than using the 3D render.