Unproduced Movie Prison Wing (2014)

An underground prison wing, designed to house mythical creatures of every kind in appropriate enclosures. Part of the design of this movie was to show a progression of history in the sets, as the organization has been around for centuries and has experienced waves of updating and renovation. So an ancient Victorian elevator contrasts with early 20th century lighting fixtures and modern flat-screen monitors in the original medieval setting.

Phil saunders thehole web

The final shot of the prison. A natural cavern first used in medieval times, slowly updated over the years. Note the Yeti, siren and others languishing in their cells! I layed it out in Modo first and then painted in photoshop using rendered masks.

Phil saunders theholegreenscreen web

Part of designing a set like this is figuring out how much can be built and how much will need to be set extension.

Phil saunders holethumbs

The first B&W thumbnail I did to establish the look. I'll generally lay out four of these on a page and work on them simultaneously.

Phil saunders cellthumb1

Thumbnail sketch of what a cell might look like. I design as much for lighting as for actual space, so these B&W paintings help me to focus on just the forms and how they will affect the lighting composition of the scene.

Phil saunders cellthumb2

Another cell, this time with more of a drilled stone construction than the cast concrete of the previous one.