Avengers: Age of Ultron (2013) - Hulkbuster early concepts

Some sketches for Hulkbuster. One of the first characters we tackled on Age of Ultron. Was a lot of fun to break away from human proportions and go a little crazy.

Phil saunders hulkbusteri2web

Loved the absurdly large shoulders on this one, and the ball-like head.

Phil saunders hulkbusterk3web

A lot of attention was paid to trying to cover joints so Hulk couldn't get his fingers in there and rip limbs off!

Phil saunders hulkbusternweb

The yellow frame structure was a theme I was developing in several ideas.

Phil saunders hulkbusteroweb

Just liked this angle...

Phil saunders hulkbustera2 web

The first sketch I developed, derived from some Hulkbuster ideas I was playing around with for Iron Man 3.

Phil saunders hulkbusterg2 web

An exercise in taking it too far...

Phil saunders hulkbusterh web

The linebacker look.

Phil saunders hulkbusterj web

The quarterback look.

Phil saunders hulkbusterm2 web

This one's a little out there... playing with the idea of plates floating on some form of shock absorbtion, so he can take a hit. I also modeled this one after the Hulk sculpt from Avengers, to see what Hulk physique might look like on an Iron Man suit.