Black Panther Wakanda Forever: Namor and Orcas Breaching (2020)

One of several keyframes I did showing Namor and the Talokan riding sea creatures. In this case astride orcas, showing the moment after they breach for assault. Namor's costume wasn't finalized at that point, so I kept him in just a classic green Speedo. The Talokan outfits were based on some exploration I was doing in parallel. The "sucker pad" gloves and kneepads were an idea I had to keep them seated, and would have been cultured from octopus cells, envisioning the Talokan at this point of having advanced "organic" sciences far beyond our own.

If you haven't guessed by now from my work, I love painting water and oceanscapes. It's a fun relief from the rigors of hard surface design and very meditative to just paint waves and ocean spray.