John Carter of Mars (2006) - Thark Incubator

In Jon Favreau's version of John Carter of Mars, John would have woken up in the middle of Barsoom, next to a Thark Incubator, where the eggs of baby Tharks are kept until they hatch. The challenge was to come up with a design that used neither wood nor metal. I devised a crater-like space covered by tanned Thoat hides stretched over a bundled reed structure, itself held in tension by stone weights.

Phil saunders jcm incubatorweb

The final keyframe. I thought the translucency of the Thoat hides would lend the environment a warm Hothouse feel.

Phil saunders incubator3

Early sketch.

Phil saunders ps 06 incubator

Another sketch, but the composition is too central

Phil saunders ps 07 incubator

The final composition.

Phil saunders ps 05 incubator

Working out the engineering of the incubator structure.

Phil saunders incubator1

What it might look like on the surface.

Phil saunders incubator2

A more developed version. I like how the Incubators paid homage to the cratered surface of Mars.

Phil saunders incubator4

Incubator from John's POV.