Unproduced Movie Project - Miscellaneous set sketches (2014)

These are some sketches for some general spaces within the set. I like to include these to show that the work of a concept designer isn't always the flashy, beautiful images that grace this forum, but a lot of working out of more mundane spaces within the limitations of the budget and soundstage space available, but still instilling them with a sense of mood, drama and story.

Phil saunders vaultthumb1

A sketch for the vault of precious and dangerous artifacts. Trying to combine the medieval with the modern.

Phil saunders vaultthumb2

The more secure wing. The light line surrounding each item was meant to suggest some kind of security field generator.

Phil saunders stairthumb2

An attempt at showing how the same set could be redressed as an armory. Often a consideration with more moderately budgeted movies.

Phil saunders stairthumbs1

Yup. A stairwell. It ain't all glamorous, folks. Still, even something like this can be a fun challenge. Of course, 3D would have made this easy.

Phil saunders hallthumb1

Aaaand... a hallway. Again, sometimes it's more about the lighting and mood than even the space.

Phil saunders hallthumb2

Curving corridors are great with limited soundstage space, because they limit how far you can see. Break up one walk & talk scene into several shots redressing the set and you can stage a long moment in just a few yards of hallway.

Phil saunders vaultthumbs

What a typical page might look like as I'm working on it.