Kingsman: The Golden Circle Statesman NY Headquarters

As is common when you're brought on early in the development of a movie, much of what I worked on for Kingsman 2 didn't make it into the final script. In fact, the stuff I spent the most time on I can't even show, as it's likely to be used for Kingsman 3! But the Statesman's New York headquarters was one idea that got eliminated fairly early on as redundant. Writer/Director Matthew Vaughan & Production Designer Darren Gilford's idea was that the Statesman's original '20s speakeasy building would have been preserved inside the new, modern headquarters. At the time, the production was also courting Jack Daniel's Whiskey to be the front for the Statesmen. Probably for the best that they ended up just creating their own brand!! I can't imagine any brand giving "carte blanche" to a story world as crazy as Kingsman's!

Phil saunders statesmannyhqgroundlevel web

The back of the Speakeasy would have opened up into the atrium bar.

Phil saunders statesmannyhqspiral web

Earlier idea for the building. The director and production designer wanted a modern, organic design for maximum contrast to the old building.

Phil saunders statesmannyhqescalators web

Another concept for the interior, using circular escalators around a giant "Claes Oldenberg" Jack Daniel's bottle. I thought it would have the right whimsical drama for a Kingsman movie.

Phil saunders kingsman2 nyskyscraper ps

The headquarters' front fascade.