Tron: Legacy - Siren Character (2008)

Another design heavily based on an original concept by Neville Page. Originally the Siren was envisioned as a more robotic character. Green fabric would have covered the joints, to be replaced in post. The mouthless face was meant to imply a nurse wearing a surgical mask and would have made them a little more sinister. Makeup would have been used to blend the faces with the costume. Ultimately budget dictated that all of the costumes be realized "in camera" and so the digital elements were eliminated. I also had to work the likenesses of the different actresses who would be playing the sirens into the design to see how their features would translate and how they could be differentiated.

Phil saunders 03 cos siren web

Natassia Malthe as a Siren.

Phil saunders sirenbeau1 12 web

Beau Garrett as a Siren.

Phil saunders sirenrochelle web

Rochelle Aytes as a Siren.

Phil saunders sirenserinda1 12 web

Serinda Swan as a Siren

Phil saunders siren glove detail web

Details of the glove.

Phil saunders siren shoe detail web

Detail of the boots, showing how digital replacement would work.