Avengers: Age of Ultron (2013) - Alternate final battle keyframe

This concept of a "Mega Ultron" composed of thousands of Ultron bots was briefly considered for the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ultimately (and I think for the best) it was rejected, likely because as cool an image as it is it doesn't make a great deal of tactical sense over an overwhelming swarm of bots, and probably would have taken more bots than would have been realistic for Ultron to produce! The concept was cut before I was half-way through the image, but I was having so much fun with it I decided to complete it on my own time, so I guess it you could call it "fan art."

Phil saunders imandhulkvsmegaultronfinal web

So much information had to be conveyed in one image. Scale in relation to both characters and environment, the structure made up of multiple Ultron bots, requiring the pose to show close-up and deep background, and the swarm of bots running to join up.

Phil saunders imandhulkvsmegaultronstep1 web

Initial scribbly sketch to lay out the composition.

Phil saunders imandhulkvsmegaultronstep2 web

Sketch further developed with characters painted in. At this point I realize I will not be able to communicate the complexity of the design effectively without 3D.

Phil saunders imandhulkvsmegaultronstep3 web

Mega Ultron roughed in in Zbrush and test rendered in Modo. I used a combination of an alpha brush derived from Rodney Fuentebella's Ultron bot model for bkgd, an insert brush for midground, and the actual bot model for the FGD hand.