Zathura (2004) - Zorgon Ship Design

I have fond memories of this project, to this day one of my favorite films to work on. This is the Zorgon spaceship featured in the movie. It was meant to look inspired by an old '50s wind-up tin toy and Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon spaceships of the era. I started this one with pencil, pen and marker sketches and did the final elevations in Photoshop.

Phil saunders zorgonshiprustelevations

Final elevations with rust added. Photoshop.

Phil saunders zorgonshipelevations

Final Elevations, clean version. Photoshop.

Phil saunders zorgonship1

First page of Prismacolor sketches to develop the Zorgon Ship. Channeling a lot of Buck Rogers here!

Phil saunders zorgonship2

Second Page of Prismacolor sketches for the Zorgon Spaceship. The one in the middle has a lot of elements of the final design.

Phil saunders zorgonship3

Third page of sketches, this time switching to markers. Process equals product, so sometimes it's good to switch around your medium to achieve a different result. Going for a lot more variety here.

Phil saunders zorgonship4large

Variations on the design from page 2. taken to a higher finish in markers, these are close to the final design. You can almost imagine the sparklers coming out of the exhaust!