Spiderman: No Way Home - Electro concept (2020)

One of my early concepts for Electro. We were tasked with making a 'cooler' Electro for the MCU, and as always with Marvel Vis Dev designs, we try to interpret as much as we can of the iconic comics costume into a functional 'real world' outfit. In this case, the early script had the villains raiding a Damage Control container of Stark tech to jury-rig upgrades to their powers, and in Max's case he hot-wires a daisy-chain of Iron Man mk50 arc reactors as a mobile power source. They're unlit in this shot as all the power is being channeled out through Electro. The underlying suit would have been a Faraday cage that Peter Parker made for Max in an attempt to contain his energy and give him back his corporeal form. The energy forming the iconic "star mask" of the original Electro was the brilliant idea of friend and colleague Jarod Marantz, and stuck through every subsequent iteration of the design, including Josh Nizzi's fantastic final version.