Iron Man (2006) Iron Man helmet design

Another collaboration between Adi Granov and I. The Helmet design was key to the Iron Man suit being successful, as this would be our hero's "face." A lot of attention was spent on the curvature of the faceplate and the intersecting angle of the eyes so that a lot of expression could be derived simply by how you shot it, given that it was a completely rigid face. Adi and I went back and forth on this until we got it just right, with contributions by Miles Teves in his beautiful clay sculpt. The final design was so successful that it remained unchanged all the way through the first Avengers film.

Phil saunders helmet 1 ps web

The first version of the helmet. I passed this on to Adi to add his magic touch...

Phil saunders adi helmet overpaint web

Adi Granov's paintover of the helmet, correcting my boxy proportions and adding his signature grace and flow...

Phil saunders helmet v2 ps web

Final design for the helmet incorporating Adi's pass on the design and my own further refinements.