Hot Wheels the Movie (2005) - Desert Chase

Just about every Hollywood concept artist has at one point or another worked on some version of the Hot Wheel movie. It's the project that will never die! I got to work on probably the sanest version, being directed by McG as a buddy coming-of-age road trip across an alternate universe America populated by every imaginable automotive subculture. Think the wizard of Oz, but with an orange plastic road rather than a yellow brick one, all leading to the big race at Motor City. The villain of the piece is "the Snake," the very race driver who killed our hero's father in a fiery crash, reincarnated as a street scavenger who will stop at nothing to get his hands on our guy's classic Yenko Camaro. This early piece had him driving an impossibly large monster vehicle.

Phil saunders desert chase v2 lg

Final painting.

Phil saunders desert chase sketch

Initial color rough to establish mood and perspective. I ultimately decided the main car needed to fill more of the frame in fgd.