Statesman Costume Concepts

My first job on Kingsman: The Golden Circle was to sketch out some ideas for the Statesmen. The mandate was to make them as nattily dressed as the Kingsmen, but in a "Southern Gentleman" style. As the parts hadn't been filled yet, I had the freedom to do my own fantasy casting.

Phil saunders jack daniels concept 3a web

This was my first pass at the character of Champagne, the role eventually played by Jeff Bridges in the movie. There was some early talk of casting Matthew McConaughey in the role, so I rendered in his likeness.

Phil saunders jack daniels concept 1a web

More Matthew McConaughey as Champagne. This one skewed too close to British.

Phil saunders jack daniels concept 1c

Another variation on Champagne's outfit.

Phil saunders jack daniels concept 2 web

Another pass at Champagne, this time with the lasso ultimately used by Tequila. Originally it would have been a hollow braided steel tube that could flatten into something like razor wire to decapitate or slice victims in half.

Phil saunders statesmen concept 1 web

An early pass on one of the Statesmen.

Phil saunders statesmen concept 2 web

Another statesman, this time my fantasy casting being John Hawkes (who should play in every western.)

Phil saunders statesmen concept 3 web

I thought Idris Elba would make a fantastic Statesman. Note the bulletproof weave in the inside of his jacket.