Scavenger - C.R.A.B. Chase

This is a keyframe from a personal project of mine, a screenplay I wrote about scavengers living off of the sunken ruins of post-earthquake Los Angeles. In this scene our protagonist is being chased through a collapsed parking structure by a C.R.A.B. (Compact Roving Articulated Bathyscaph.) The script made the top 10 best sci-fi screenplays at the Austin Film Festival a few years ago. I'm still working on concept art for it, as I'm in love with these characters and world.

Phil saunders crabchase6

Final image. It's a fine balance with lighting and color to really capture the feel of underwater.

Phil saunders crabunderwater

Initial rough-in.

Phil saunders crabunderwater3

Adding in the fgd character and DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) and starting to block in the forms of the Crab.

Phil saunders crabunderwater4test po web

A quick and rough paint-over on a layer to get a sense of the final image. The paint-over is discarded, but serves as a guide for a much tighter rendering.

Phil saunders crabunderwater5 web

Using lit reference to paint in the fgd figure, in this case myself, since I didn't have any other model! It's a tough angle and lighting to get right, so photo reference is critical to keeping it realistic.