Iron Man 3 (2011) - Iron Man Mk XL "Shotgun" Hypervelocity Armor.

Another armor for the "House Protocol" posse at the climax of Iron Man 3. This armor was conceived as a lightweight, unarmed, hypersonic speed testbed. Anticipating that the scene would be chaotic and at night, we concentrated on designing armors with as distinct silhouettes from each other as possible. The idea behind Shotgun was to create a suit that would lock together into a unified, streamlined "lifting body" shape, so the profile pushes the boundaries of an Iron Man silhouette. I was inspired by the mechanics of airfoils and thrust vectoring nozzles on contemporary aircraft, and obviously the helmet mimics a jet pilot's "bone dome." Unfortunately the staging of the final battle in the movie didn't lend itself to featuring the functional uniqueness of each suit, so you never get to see the intention behind the design in action.