WandaVision (2019) - The Vision Concept Design

This was a near-final design for the Vision's resurrected body in the final two episodes of WandaVision. This is what we'd call a "facelift" in the car design biz, starting with Ryan Meinerding's incredible design from Avengers: Age of Ultron. I tried to stay faithful to both Ryan's design and this iteration of the character in the comics, but making him subtly more aggressive and artificial. I wanted to give him a bit of an "undead" feel by making his skin translucent. The original pitch was to have glowing "veins" of energy flowing just under the skin. Another challenge was how to translate the pure white of the comic suit to film. I decided to give the suit a pearlescent iridescence to give it some visual interest and convey the technological sophistication of the Vision.

This version featured a more angularly sculpted anatomy, which ultimately we eliminated in favor of reusing the existing "muscle suit," as the subtle difference didn't have enough impact to offset the significant cost of a whole new build.

My favorite moment watching this incredible show was seeing Paul Bettany put on the very sneer I painted into this illustration when portraying this version of Vision. I'm sure I was influence by one of his other roles, and not the other way around, but we can always dream, right?