Avengers: Infinity War (2016) - War Machine Mk4 Alternate Design.

This was an alternate take on the War Machine suit for Avengers: Infinity War. Originally the script had called for two different suits for Rhodey, as the first one would have gotten destroyed in the battle in Edinburgh. This design was selected for what was then the Mk 5 suit, and I refined it and took it to a final approved model. The original 'X' shaped chest just didn't translate well into 3-D, so I adapted a bulkier theme from an alternated design sketch.

When the MK5 was ultimately cut from the film, I incorporated the backpack weapons array from this design into the final Mk4.

Phil saunders warmachinemk4 d web

Initial approved sketch. More than anything else, I think the dynamic action and pose sold the design.

Phil saunders warmachinemk4 drev4 web

A more refined sketch, with an alternate take on the chest details after unsuccessfully translating the previous version to 3D.

Phil saunders wmmk5front3qtr002 web

Final 3D model. There's a lot I like in this design like the knees and shoulders that hopefully I can re-use at some point.

Phil saunders wmmk5rear3qtr002 web

Rear 3/4 view. The backpack weapons I of course stole for use on the final Mk4. I still like the triceps and butt treatment on this one.