Avengers: Endgame (2017) - Rescue Suit Initial Concept Illustration

One of the rare times in my career that a new character design was approved after a single sketch. While there was a push to make Rescue a more gender-neutral suit like Riri's in the comics, I had a very strong feeling that Rescue needed to be a strong, idealized feminine form in the same way that Iron Man interprets the male form in mechanical language. Thankfully Marvel VP Victoria Alonso agreed and championed my design. The "face" of the costume went through a long refinement and exploration process, but otherwise the design remained essentially the same through the digital sculpting stage to what you see on screen.

Phil saunders rescuesuit3
Phil saunders rescuesuitred

The suit was initially intended to be red and gold as it is in the comics, but the producers wisely decided to give Rescue her own identity.

Phil saunders rescuesuitfacec

One of several alternate face designs. This one gets closest to the final iteration, which I refined in my ZBrush sculpt.