World of Heroes Marvel Theme Park - Iron Man Ride

The Iron Man ride was one project that went through a lot of iterations during development of the Marvel themed park proposed for Dubai. Initially it was envisioned as a user-controlled networked simulation experience, with individual two-degree-of-freedom (2DOF) simulators representing individually controlled Iron Man suits. That was then replaced with a cinematic shooting gallery experience technologically similar to Toy Story Midway Mania. With the blockbuster release of the movie Iron Man during development, however, the ride was repositioned as a headliner. Several roller-coaster experiences were proposed, including a video-synchronized dark coaster, a swinging and suspended coaster, and ultimately a stomach-lurching coaster with seats mounted on 4-axis robot arms!

My responsibilities on this ride ended up varying between developing and writing ride treatments, to pitch illustrations, to designing and modeling ride vehicle enclosures.

Phil saunders ironmanridev4

The final pitch illustration for the "Shooting Gallery" version of the Iron Man ride.

Phil saunders ironmanridethumbs4

A typical page of thumbnails I might do while developing an idea and working out the composition.

Phil saunders ironmanridethumb2

An early sketch for the pitch illustration. Initially the pods were designed to evoke the shape of Iron Man's helmet.

Phil saunders ironmanridethumb1

Another initial sketch. The guns were ultimately replaced with hand-mounted gauntlets for the final illustration .

Phil saunders ironman motion platform

Design for the motion platform for the networked simulator version of the Iron Man ride. I got to develop and write the story treatment and pitch document for this ride proposal as well.

Phil saunders imsimschemaadult

A schematic showing how the individual simulators might work.

Phil saunders imvirtualcoaster

Pitch illustration for the "dark coaster" version of the Iron Man ride. This might have been a spectacular ride, with a dynamic movie synchronized to the motion of the coaster.

Phil saunders im4dcoaster

A more traditional roller coaster approach to the ride.

Phil saunders imcoasterduel

A Modo render of the Kuka-arm equipped coaster design. The arm would spin you about as you passed an opposing coaster, giving you a near-miss experience.