Tron: Legacy - End Of Line Club (2007)

Some keyframe illustrations of the End of Line club from Tron: Legacy. Many artists contributed to this design, principally Ben Proctor, David Levy, Production Designer Darren Gilford and Set Designer Joe Hiura (correct me if I missed anyone, guys! It's been awhile.) I also can't remember who's primary model this was, but I know it passed through the hands of at least Ben and Joe.

Phil saunders 002 env ie city eotlc ext backview recodock 090730 ps

Some detailing work on the End of Line club.

Phil saunders 002 env ie city eotlc ext blackguarddeployment v2 090707 ps

Keyframe of the Black Guard attack. Black Guard designs by Neville Page.

Phil saunders recogforeolv2

Keyframe of Clu's Recognizer docked at the End of Line Club.