Wuhan Movie Park Star Journey Ride - Asteroid Field Sequence (2012)

The last of the three sequences I keyframed for the Star Journey ride at Wuhan Movie Park. As with the other two, I started with writing out specific action beats, based on the outline developed by Forrec, the project vendor. For a project like this, the role of the storyboards are to give an impression of the experience of the ride and to provide a style guide for the Visual Effects team rather than a beat-by-beat narrative continuity.

Phil saunders asteroidfield01

When the Shenzhou exits the black hole, a massive asteroid takes up the entire view port. Carrying all the momentum of our passage through the singularity, we have no choice but to pull up hard to avoid collision.

Phil saunders asteroidfield02

The Captain warns us to hold on as we belly-scrape in a deep canyon – but we’re okay!

Phil saunders asteroidfield03

The Shenzhou careens between irregular outcroppings as our sister ships swoop into view.

Phil saunders asteroidfield04

As we pull out into space, our view opens up on an intimidating sight: our destination planet lies on the other side of a dense field of asteroids and rocky debris. The Captain tells us we will have to slow and pick our way through, but there's no time!

Phil saunders asteroidfield05

Before our Captain can raise an alarm—Our sister ship fires at the nearest giant asteroid, splitting it into pieces! Big mistake - A chain reaction of planetoid collisions has been set in motion and we are in the middle of it.

Phil saunders asteroidfield06

The three ships dodge and weave through an impossible number of rocks from the size of trucks to the size of mountains, all moving in random directions and colliding with each other, causing even more chaotic debris.

Phil saunders asteroidfield07

Too late to change course as two mountainous planetoids collide in slow motion in front of us. Our ships aim for the irregular gap that is left between them, but as inertia grinds the mountain ranges together that gap is narrowing!

Phil saunders asteroidfield08

The ships weave a zig-zag course through a constantly shifting and tightening throat of rock.

Phil saunders asteroidfield09

Just ahead we see a narrowing sliver of stars! Our sister ship makes it through and we gun it to make the closing exit--

Phil saunders asteroidfield10

Too late! The passage closes in a final grinding of rocks! Our two remaining ships fire their missiles—

Phil saunders asteroidfield11

BOOM! We’ve blasted our way through!

Phil saunders asteroidfield12

The ships punch through the explosion into a clear field of stars toward—

Phil saunders asteroidfield13

--our destination planet, wreathed in a mysterious mantle of clouds.