Avengers (2010) - Early Quinjet Design

An early design for the Quinjet. This was a challenging design problem, one that took a number of designers to tackle, including my colleagues and friends Tani Kunitake, Paul Ozzimo, Mike Meyers and Rick Buoen. Originally the script called for a vehicle that was at once a transport that could carry the whole Avengers team, a VTOL ground attack craft and a hypersonic plane that had to fly from New York to Berlin in less than an hour.

Phil saunders quinjet c final

Final rendered sketch.

Phil saunders quinjetwip

Work in process sketch. I'll often start in greyscale to work out my forms on something like this.

Phil saunders dropship mmredesignwingsengines

An idea of how the wings could fold for carrier storage, as well as the engines rotating for additional VTOL thrust.

Phil saunders dropshipsketch1

A page of early ideas for the Quinjet.

Phil saunders dropshipsketch2

Another early sketch for the Quinjet. The skylight windows were for a scene where Thor lands on the roof in flight.