The King's Man - Airship Birthday (2018)

Anther Keyframe from The King's Man, this time a scene that didn't make it into the film. Originally the trip back from Russia and Conrad's birthday would have taken place aboard Oxford's personal airship. I had a lot of fun studying wooden yacht and personal railway carriage architecture to design something luxurious but lightweight, making sure to incorporate a wide expanse of glazing to enjoy the views. I tried to capture the mood of the moment, as Conrad broods over his father's refusal to let him join the war.

This image being produced so early in the project only Ralph Fiennes was cast, so I let myself do some fantasy casting, placing Jennifer Ehle in the role of Polly and Nonso Anozie as Shola. Ultimately the airship was deemed too steampunk for the tone of the movie, and was abandoned in favor of a train car.