This was an image I did for Nuthin' But Mech Vol. 2. I wanted to tackle my own version of the ubiquitous crab tank, but put it in context. I envisioned large VTOL transports deploying them into the field like dropping them out of a magazine. Thanks to my friend Lorin Wood for putting together such an incredible compendium of art, assembling such a rogue's gallery of concept artists, and inviting me to participate!

Phil saunders deploymentfinal

Final image.

Phil saunders deserttankmech2

First initial sketch

Phil saunders deserttankmech3

Crab Tank almost fully developed. By this point I would have found some photo reference to correct the desert color palette. Still, something was missing.

Phil saunders deserttankmech4

Initial block in of the dropship. Ultimately I adjusted the composition and aspect ratio so that the image would work well as a two-page spread. I also flipped the image so your eye would be lead back into the image rather than running off the page.