Marvel Theme Park (2008) - X-Men Danger Room Ride

These are keyframe boards for a proposed X-Men ride for the "World of Heroes" Marvel-themed park in Dubai. Unfortunately the park was the victim of the stock-market crash, but I had a lot of fun developing this ride with Allen Yamashita and Ty Granaroli at Chimera Design. We worked out the story and basic movements of the attraction in intense brainstorming sessions, working out the various gags. Then I wrote up a treatment from which these storyboards are derived. Too bad the project was cancelled, I was really looking forward to this ride.

Phil saunders x menboard1

The ride starts as Dr. Xavier congratulates us in being chosen as promising applicants to his school for gifted mutants...

Phil saunders x menboard2

...which is interrupted by Magneto taking over the feed and thanking Dr. X for gathering the latest batch of recruits for his cause.

Phil saunders x menboard4

As alarms ring, we are evacuated to a security station where we are loaded onto security vehicles as monitors show the X-Men engaging with Magneto's mutant villains elsewhere in the mansion.

Phil saunders x menboard5

As we pass under the control room, Beast reassures us that we are in good hands...

Phil saunders x menboard6

...only they are actually Mystiques, as she morphs back into her true form, kicking us into high gear...

Phil saunders x menboard7

...barreling us toward where Magneto has torn up the tracks with his magnetism. We're headed for certain doom until --

Phil saunders x menboard9

-- Phoenix appears, tearing a hole in the wall and steering us away from danger.

Phil saunders x menboard10

As fists pound through the metal wall to reach us, Nightcrawler "bamfs" into view in alcoves along our way...

Phil saunders x menboard11

...showing us a safe path to where Wolverine will lead us out.

Phil saunders x menboard12

We're almost out when Juggernaut flies by. We hear him CRASH out of sight as we turn to see--

Phil saunders x menboard13

-- Wolverine, fresh from knocking 'ol bullet-head out of our path. But as we steer our way out--

Phil saunders x menboard15

--we see where Jugs has knocked out a pillar. The ceiling is collapsing! Luckily Colossus holds it up long enough for us to squeeze out.

Phil saunders x menboard16

The exit is in our sights when we feel ourselves being tugged sideways into another room, where...

Phil saunders x menboard17

...Magneto pulls us toward him with his magnetic power! We're almost in his grasp when Storm and Cyclops come to our defense with wind and lightning and focussed eye-beams. Dr. Xavier's telepathic voice urges us to focus our latent powers to assist--

Phil saunders x menboard18

-- culminating in a huge explosion! We drop back to the ground and make our escape in reverse--

Phil saunders x menboard19

Chased by a billowing ball of flame! (or at least a back-lit cloud of liquid nitrogen vapor.) But we out run it and are safe!

Phil saunders x menboard20

Dr. Xavier congratulates us from inside Cerebro for tapping into our hidden powers. But Magneto appears behind him! It looks like he's doomed until--

Phil saunders x menboard21

--the illusion is dispelled, revealing that we are in the Danger Room with the gathered X-Men. It has been our first test at Dr. Xavier's school. And we passed!

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