Unproduced Movie Control Room (2014)

Since a pretty high percentage of movies that are developed never get made, it stands to reason that a goodly chunk of what we as concept designers work on will never see the light of day, except in forums such as these. This was a project I worked on for a few weeks back in 2014 before it died a quiet death. Too bad, it might have been fun. Certainly it was fun to work on, with great collaborators. This set would have been part of a secret headquarters deep in the catacombs beneath Rome.

Phil saunders turnersofficeviewfinal web

Final image of the Control Room. The room was modeled in Modo. I then painted the image in Photoshop using masks generated by applying black and white luminant materials selectively applied to the model. The St. George statue I sculpted in Z-Brush.

Phil saunders abbeycontrolroomphilpick

An earlier overview of the Room. Painted with the same technique. I love the accurate perspective that 3-D grants you, but prefer the painterly look and lighting control of a 2-D process. Rendering masks allows me to stay loose and achieve a tight result.

Phil saunders abbeythumb6

One of several early sketches of what the headquarters could look like, set in an ancient cistern or catacombs.

Phil saunders abbeythumb7

Another sketch, trying to make it feel very utilitarian and governmental, but in an exotic setting.

Phil saunders abbeythumb3a

A pass at dropping "Mission Control" into the underground setting.

Phil saunders abbeythumb4

Another version of a traditional Mission Control.

Phil saunders abbeythumb5

Mission Control in a more natural cave-like setting.

Phil saunders abbeythumb1

My breakthrough came with this sketch, replacing the traditional world map screens with an ancient globe retrofitted with LED displays.

Phil saunders abbeythumb2

A closer view setting the scale.

Phil saunders abbeythumb8

A quick rough pass at color and tone before moving on to the model.