Iron Man 3 (2011) - Extremis Endoarmor Concepts

Early in the development of Iron Man 3, the Extremis serum was conceived of as a nanotech injection that would form an armored structure under the skin. Closer to what was in the original comic, it was conceptually a reflection of Iron Man's armor. The idea was to show some subtle bio-mechanical structure pushing up under the skin, and also allow the heat glow to backlight larger armor plates. While I much prefer the organic concept from the film thematically, this would have allowed some interesting design.

Phil saunders extremisconcept3phase3weblarge

One of the more successful attempts. The deformation is subtle enough, and I like the way the sub-surface glow is conveyed. Early on, Nikolas Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones was considered for the character of Killian.

Phil saunders extremisconcept7stage3weblarge

Back View. Taking a more organic approach to the sub-surface structures.

Phil saunders extremisconcept1aweblarge

My first concept. It had a very horror vibe to it.

Phil saunders extremisconcept2phase3weblarge

Second concept. The glow lines feel too "surface" and failed to convey the idea of under-skin plates.