Iron Man 3 (2011) - Extremis Limb Regrowth Alternate Concept

An other take on Extremis limb regrowth, this time working from the outside-in to avoid the gore factor. The thought was to form a "cage" of nano-structure first, then have the bone and musculature form inside that, finally completing with a layer of skin. This was a tricky concept to illustrate, so I did my very first work in Zbrush. While the figure is just painted, the arm structure I sculpted to match the illustration, then created an "endo-mesh" brush to paint a mask and extract the nano-mesh cage. I also sculpted an ecorche of the arm and rendered out a series of masks to allow me to paint over each layer.

Phil saunders extremisconcept8stg1web

Fully formed arm nano-cage, with internal anatomy forming.

Phil saunders extremisconcept8stg2web

Internal anatomy almost formed, skin beginning to grow. Having the heat glow of the Extremis process allowed us to avoid the gore factor.

Phil saunders extremisconcept8stage4web

Arm fully formed, Extremis glow highlighting the nano-cage structure under the skin.

Phil saunders armmeshecorcheweb

Screen-shot of the Zbrush model.