Hot Wheels the Movie (2005) - Motor City

Another keyframe from the Hot Wheels movie that would never be. McG's take on Motor City was much more grounded than previous versions. He wanted Detroit or Chicago meets Hot Wheels tracks, with El-train supports rather than the more sci-fi take of earlier development, in keeping with the Americana theme of the movie. This was the bonding moment between our hero and his father before the big race.

Phil saunders motor city garage uprez

Final frame.

Phil saunders motorcitysketch3

B&W thumbnail.

Phil saunders motorcitysketch print

An overview of Motor City. This image was a test to see how the orange tracks would work in an urban setting.

Phil saunders motorcitysketch2

An early sketch of the road into Motor City. McG wanted a lakeside midwestern city, with a pretty abrupt transition from farmland to urban core.