Tron: Legacy Keyframes (2007)

Most of these keyframe illustrations served as look-and-feel style guides for the VFX department. These were painted "matte-painting style" over Art Department model assets, often with much additional detailing added in 2-D. The main goal was to convey lighting, mood and atmosphere. Again, many artists contributed to the design, under the direction of Production Designer Darren Gilford and VFX Art Director Ben Proctor (who did much of the initial design work,) David Levy, Daniel Simon and set designers Ben Edelberg, Joe Hiura and Rob Johnson.

Phil saunders 06 track

Lightrunner on the Grid. Lightrunner design by Daniel Simon.

Phil saunders 07 buggyescape

Lightrunner Escape. Once again, Lightrunner design by Daniel Simon.

Phil saunders 08 lightcyclematch

Lightcycle chase. A helmet had not yet been designed for Clu's riders, so this was my pass.

Phil saunders tr2n bridge

Sam Crossing the Bridge. The masterful bridge design was by Ben Edelberg.

Phil saunders tr2n solarsailor

Solar Sailor escape. City design primarily by Ben Proctor & David Levy; Solar Sailor design by Daniel Simon and Joe Hiura.