Avengers: Age of Ultron (2013) - Ultron Concepts 2

More early concepts for Ultron Prime in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Phil saunders ultronconceptf4web

Another view of my favorite design, I did this rendering to show the character in a more animated pose, with some expression.

Phil saunders ultronconcepte web

Another of my earliest attemps at Ultron.

Phil saunders ultronconceptx web

At one point, director Joss Whedon decided he wanted Ultron to have more identifiable mechanical components, so we all went back to the drawing board for another round.

Phil saunders ultronconceptyweb

This design gained a lot of tracktion with Joss, so we pursued it further...

Phil saunders ultronprimeredo002web

Eventually leading to this design, which was approved by Joss.

Phil saunders ultronprimesketch002wip molten 11 4 web

A concept for how Ultron Prime would look with Molten Vibranium pouring onto his body.

Phil saunders ultronprime006 web

Turnarounds for the selected Ultron. At the eleventh hour Kevin Feige expressed his concern thatit didn't have enough character (something we'd all been secretly feeling). Lucky for us or we would never have gotten Charlie Wen's now iconic design.

Phil saunders ultronconcept 27bweb

A design from the last pass, incorporating a shoulder joint design by Ryan Meinerding.

Phil saunders ultronconcept 28d web

Another version.