Iron Man (2007): Stark Mansion Interior Concepts

Phil saunders livingroomeastviewnostoneweb

Final east view of the living room and entryway. I was particularly proud of the indirect lighting I came up with for the ceiling, with fixtures embedded in deep grooves in the redwood.

Phil saunders livingroomeastviewwipweb

Early work-in-progress to show how I work out architectural forms with values and lighting.

Phil saunders livingroomeastview wip2 web

A further work in progress. Initially we had wanted a lot of greenery and natural materials in the design.

Phil saunders ironman living room

The final design as seen in the movie! Thrilled that the lighting worked out just as I had planned!

Phil saunders livingroomsouthviewweb

Southern view. The Grand Piano would eventually find its way into the alcove on the left.

Phil saunders bedroomwestviewweb

Tony Stark's bedroom. Designed to be very, um, "stark," as Tony really lives in his garage/workshop. The opening to the right would lead to Tony's bathroom.

Phil saunders bedroomeastviewnwgrdnweb

Another view of Tony's bedroom. The ceiling lighting was another design idea I had, to use a stretched fabric over the drop ceiling, so you could get soft pools of diffused light on the ceiling.

Phil saunders bathroomwestviewweb

Tony's bathroom, west view. This never made it into the film but was fun to design nevertheless!

Phil saunders bathroomeastviewweb

East view of Tony's bathroom.