Iron Man (2006) - Iron Man Mk 3 Suit Design

The one that started it all. A great collaboration with my uber-talented friend Adi Granov, who first made Iron Man "real" in his seminal book Extremis.

Phil saunders clobberedcolor web

An early image showing how the suit plates would flex, particularly around the problematic chest/shoulder area.

Phil saunders takeoff web

An early takeoff image.

Phil saunders ironmanelevations7 5

Final turnarounds as submitted to Stan Winston Studios.

Phil saunders ironman v12 ps web

Close to the final design. Much refinement and a dose of Adi's signature grace and flow needed to take it to what we know today.

Phil saunders ironmanback v2rev3 ps web

Final Back Design.

Phil saunders ironmanback v1 ps web

An early, alternate back design

Phil saunders ironmanback v1b ps web

Another early back design.

Phil saunders ironmanback v2b ps web

Another early back design.