Avengers: Infinity War (2016) - Iron Man Mk 50 final front view

Final design illustrations for the Mk 50 Iron Man suit. Painted in Photoshop over a Keyshot render of my final zBrush sculpt.

Phil saunders im mk50 versionbfrontrdj web

Rendering for VFX to show how the suit should fit proportionally to RDJ's head. Portrait was just painted on in Photoshop.

Phil saunders im mk50 versionbfront web

Final suit front view. Photoshop over Keyshot render of ZBrush sculpt.

Phil saunders im mk50 versionb back web

Final rear view illustration. Photoshop painting over zBrush screen grab.

Turntable of my ZBrush sculpt of the Mk 50.