Avengers: Infinity War - Iron Man Mk 50 suit-up

This was a sequence of frames I did to illustrate the layers of nanotech that make up the Bleeding Edge armor. I didn't want the suit to just flow on like T2 style liquid metal, or conversely to just form conventional tech. It needed to develop organically and in a way that made functional sense, hence mimicking an anatomical model of neurological, circulatory muscular and exoskeletal systems. Each of these layers would have formed in an overlapping way in waves, so the whole transformation would happen very quickly.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg1 rdjrevsweb

Stage one: Original undersuit (design by Josh Nizzi.) The nanotech was intended to flow out from the main RT in the chest as well as the satellite arc reactors along the body.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg2 rdjrevsweb

Stage two: neurological/circulatory systems laid down first.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg3 rdjrevsweb

Stage three: Basic layer of core muscle striation is formed next.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg4 rdjrevsweb

Stage four: Bulk muscle and exo-structure is built up.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg5 rdjrevsweb

Stage five: Outer skin is beginning to form.

Phil saunders im mk50 suit up stg6 rdjrevsweb

Stage Six: Suit up is complete.