Avengers: Infinity War - Iron Man Mk50 Original sketch

This was the original sketch of the Mk 50 that was approved. I've added a few stages of development so you get an idea of how I start and develop my design ideas as I paint. I start out searching for a visual vocabulary and working out the big break-ups, and then continue to refine to find a pleasing simplicity and flow. Often I'm looking for elements to remove rather than add once I have explored the idea. I'll usually start with a pretty radical "face" design in the helmet as well, and then bring it back to something familiar, but hopefully some element of the radical starting point will remain.

Phil saunders ironmanmk47stageeweb

Final design sketch before I brought the design into zBrush and sculpted it.

Phil saunders iron man mk47stageaweb

First step. Establishing a pose, proportions, color palette and blocking out the body form.

Phil saunders ironmanmk47stagebweb

Starting to layer in more specific forms, color breakups and cut lines. The "accordion joint" theme is beginning to emerge here in the shoulder and obique areas.

Phil saunders ironmanmk47stagecweb

Letting the flow theme dictate color breakups here. Starting to experiment with the face in a much more organic way. Origins of the heart-shaped RT in the chest.

Phil saunders ironmanmk47stagedweb

Very close to the final design now, just simplifying and refining the surfaces.